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I have have done some reading on here and checked out the 67 LS Swap Do's & Don'ts thread. Unfortunately I have already started with some of the dont's. I already have the low profile Ebay LS swap pan which I have started shaving down along with the chassie cross-member. I bought this car specifically because it was not an SS car and I knew i was going to make it my car not everyone else's.

Now with my disclaimer lets get to the point ;), I am having clearance issues and just saw that the chassie mounted motor mounts are lifted a bit. Is this a big deal, would it be causing even more clearance issues, and 3rd is there an easy fix?

My clearance issue is between the oil pan and the rear of the cross-member where it usually is with these swaps, id really like to avoid buying the Holley oil pan after I have already spent the money on this pan, I wish I had known prior to the purchase.

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