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Im using the AAW Classic Update to do a complete rewire of my 65 El Camino! I am also using a Flex-Lite Mojave heater! The heater is a stand alone unit and comes with its own switch and wiring! Black for ground, yellow for motor power and 3 wires that go to speed control switch!
What I need to know is, what wire to use from my new harness to power the heater! Inside there are wires that go to the heater switch, brown and orange, and then from the swtich to the heater orange, yellow, and blue! Under the hood is an orange wire that goes to the blower motor!
If I route the orange wire from under the hood back inside to power the blower motor which seem to me to be right, will that wire have power with out any of the AAW wires or switch being used?
I hope you understand what Im asking, if not let me know and Ill try again!
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