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Hey guys, I found one of these carbs on eBay for $300. Not sure if he is one of us, but I have a feeling he might be in love with it, but to each their own.

Just wanted to give members here a crack at mine I'm selling. It's no Gem, but if you want it for a #'s correct restoration it's a good carb to be built and does have the #'s on it. It's for the 325hp 396 with Manual Transmission of a 66 ElCamino or Chevelle. I've listed it on eBay for $49.99 to start, and $99.99 to Buy in Now. If any member wants it, thru direct contact on this site so I don't have a selling fee, then the Buy In Now price is $49.99 for any member here. I don't expect a fight over it, but if you want it, please post here in the thread so I know who contacted first. Then we'll work out shipping and PayPal terms via email.

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