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67 El Co

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Aloha I had my 67 El Co restored by a lying person , who stole $ 76,000 .. after suing him in small claims court, basically that , $5000 I won went to the machining of the new engine block .. $26,000 later I built the engine myself… a 383 stroker full rolling rocker small block , and an Art Carr 200 4R overdrive transmission… 400 + to the rear . Gave it away for the price I put into the engine.. It was a sad day when I dropped her off at her new home in Thousand Oaks California….
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Nice car and sorry about your tale of woe.

If you don't mind, could you share a bit about how this restorer dude took your money?
It could help a lot of guys to hear about the tactics these low lifes use.
Now that's a horror story and I'm sure you went through Hell mentally as well as financially. Sorry to hear about this and many here would benefit from knowing what took place. Do you plan on getting another ElCo?
You have a very sweet El Camino.
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