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70-72 Sweep Dash Has anyone replaced clock with tach

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Has anyone replaced the clock with a tach in their 1970-72 seep dash?

If so, which tach did you use?
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I just found this tach from ShiftWorks that is correct color and shape.
Yet $145 is a lot of kitty litter.

Any other affordable options out there?
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That's a nice upgrade for the sweep dash, thanks for posting the link.
that's a good choice Bear, probly the easiest swap..
there about the same price on 2-3 other sites..

the Nova tach, same price..

I put a 2" gauge in mine many years ago. Was $25-30 dolllars from JC Whitney. No name brand. It was really only good to see that the motor was running.

And there is a "rest of the story" if you'd like to hear it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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