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Thought i'd post up my newly aquired beast from california :-D

I'm in Central QLD btw

Nothing special, just really clean !!

350 chev (have no idea whats inside) / B&M turbo 350 / 12 bolt positraction LSD

Original Protect-o-plate Documents from 1969 & first owners protection plan
Rear Air shocks
Auto Gauge set w/ volts, water temp and oil press. Also matching auto gauge tacho
CD Player n speakers
Battery enclosed in tray
Front Disc Brakes
Edelbrock Performer manifold
Some kind of big ass cam
Holley 600 oldschool
Headman Headers
Flowmaster Mufflers dumping before the diff
15" Centerlines with 195 on front and 295 out back
Spent 2 hours looking for rust and couldn't find any, since pulled up carpet and none under there either !!!
8/10 mexican paint job
Everything works !!
Doors open and shut like a new car, as does the switches, winders, levers etc etc
Minimal Dings in the tray
All chrome is there
Power Steering works and doesn't leak

Just ordered a heap of **** from OPGI in California
Zinc Plated Power brake booster with disc brake master cyclinder
AC Delco Dura Stop front disc pads and rear drum shoes
Original style moulded black carpet, black pillar mouldings, black seat trim, black cardboard panels.
Plastic Inner Fenders

No leaks whatsoever or smoke blown

It was 7am and frosted over when i went to check it out, unlocked it put the key in and pressed the button and it kicked in straight away ALL 8 CYLINDERS AT ONCE!!!!

Drove pretty good, pulls a mean skid. Shift's hard.

All i have to do is fit hoodlining, bolt seatbelts to pillar (provisions already there), LO2 and rego it, re-do front bench seat and change headlights. I'll probably lower the front a bit too so it isn't so light on the steering

Heading to Powercruise in August !!!


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Welcome to ECC Jeremy. Apologies I didn't get to your post sooner. I have been away, busy at work and working on a customer's site with effectively not connectivity, so I am not covering ECC as well as I usually do.

I took a quick squiz at your post and of course ogled the pics. I will take a good read later, but it sure looks like a gem you have there.

I hope you are a frequent posting member here. It will return dividends for you with all the knowledgeable & helpful members.
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