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I am going to rewire my 74 Elky. There is such a "pasgetty" mess under the dash. This Elky has at one time been in a high school auto shop. It has been cut in half and mated with a 75
Elky rear end. The cut being made right behind the seat. I just rebuilt the entire steering column. (With a couple of parts missing.) I am now being forced to put all of the ignition switch and neutral safety switch with toggle switches. Trying to figure out how has rattled my brain. I'm just a shade tree mechanic. Only working on a car when it brakes down.
Now I have this Elky. It runs but needs a little work done so I can get it inspected.
Well one day I thought that I would run down why the horn wasn't working. When I took the steering wheel off. And went a little deeper into the column. A hand full of bearings went spilling all over the floor. The old nylon bearings had completely disintegrated. I bought the new steel ones to replace it. Now that the column is almost finished the ignition actuating rod
broke. (The end that goes into the ignition switch) Finding that has been a real pain. First I found it online. The complete rod and the metal end that goes on it for $61.00. I just found the rod itself in the OPG book for 0.99 cents. Now here is the kicker. I live on a fixed income. This month (April, 2012) I paid my bills. And bought the tool to compress the spring in the column. Now I hope that when the dust settles. I'll have enough to buy the actuating rod.
It's not the cost of the rod but the shipping cost. Now for the kick in the rump. I need to move from where I'm living. (LOTS OF REASONS!) I need my Elky running. And well there is the problem of pasgetty. And I can add that the entire heater / AC interior unit is froze up with rust. The Elky was left with an open window during a big down pour and then the windows were closed with the temperature up into the 100 degrees area. When I got it from the person I bought it from, it had a fine coat of algae growing all over the interior.

I've done it again! I can ramble on sometimes. I want this Elky. It will be my second one. My first was a 72 that became a battering block for a drunk driver. I have a 300 lbs. electric wheelchair. I can walk a little bit around the house so I had to buy t out of my own money. It was 9 grand. So if I want to go to a concert or the mall I have to use it. Right now my son has to take my trash out for me because the dumpster is to far away from the house.

So my dilemma is do I wait for the rod and maybe have to pay for towing the Elky yet again. Or rig it up to start without the ignition switch. I will still be able to fix all of this later. I do plan on changing over to a floor shifter. I have 30 years as a master Woodwright. I have plans
to rebuild the entire dash out of mahogany. I'm 54 years old and have all hopes that this will be my last car. (Er - truck.)

So if I might ask before I buy. What book with good diagrams should I buy. I've seen some as high as $150.00 bucks on ebay. Wow! I have scowed the internet and have downloaded all that I could find. I even have a PDF about a Camaro 2000 System Wiring Diagrams that is 56 pages long. Well a Chevy s a Chevy, right?

Did I put this thread in the wrong place? If I did let me know and I'll move it. I just need a sounding block. I try talking to my son about this kind of stuff and his eyes glaze over.

Well thanks for reading all of this. I'll wait for any response.
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