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Looking to replace the cast manifolds with some headers.
My 76 has all power options and AC
Right now my exhaust is a set of true duels going to the stock manifolds. No crossover pipe or anything, two individual exhaust pipes is what I have.
All stock 400 sbc. TH350

I dont wanna modify anything if I dont have to. Looking to spend under $200. I really dont want to take the engine mounts off and jack up the engine to get them in. Easier is the better. But still want something that will help performance and economy rather than hurt it.

What should I get?

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You might look on the Summit Racing site, for the variety of headers that will fit. I've had a few different brands on the Elcos and Chevelles I owned, which were all '73-'77 .....My '74 Malibu (same as an Elco up front) has headers from Summit, with the cheap ceramic coating. Some headers are listed as fitting '64 thru '77, but some of those are too low to the ground to clear some driveways etc.
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