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Well friends,
I got my new pod with gauges from another '77 believe it or not. I have not been able to find all the correct schematics to feel comfortable with the new install.... Thank goodness. I was able to get the schematic for the two Printed Circuit boards... that is, the one I currently have with idiot lights and one for the new pod with gauges. The plug from the harness could not possibly work with both printed circuits. Take a look at the "pin" arrangement for the old one (with correct pin assignments)

If you take like the fuel gauge sensor lead, and follow it to the pin connector. Now, look at the new pod printed circuit diagram.

Now do the same thing. Notice that the harness plug that connects could not possibly be used on thisprinted circuit.
Obviously, this is not a straight across plug in. I think I will either have to get a whole new harness with the correct wiring to the plug for the new PC board, or find some way to reassign the wires to the plug itself. This diagram does not show which pins on the PC are hot and ground, so I can't figure out a way to do the pin reassignments. Does anyone have any thoughts or know where I can find a new harness for a '77 for less than $500 to buy a new one if I can find one? Maybe I'll have to just keep watching EBAY... and hoping for the right dash harness.
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