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just got done stripping what was good on a 78 el camino ill list what ive got with some prices...i am located in delaware and prices are best offer

78ss front clip-$300...front end with very good ligts, comes with tire wells, rad support, and both fenders as well as an ss spoiler (litteraly yanked off car in one section) paint has clear coat peeling but still very good shape. pass fender has some rust at bottom section but can easily be patched or replaced.
front bumper with rub strip-$60
hood-$80 great shape no dents
rear window-$100 no scratches
side windows-$50 each no scratches
quarters-$30 each no scratches
dash bezel with all gauges-$100...sea green
drip rails-$30 for all...missing rear section for pass side
wiper trans-$30 good shape
driveshaft for 350 trans-$30
windshield trim-$50 clean just needs polish
pass mirror-$30 great shape
upper door weather strip channels-$30 for both sides
door panels up and low-$30 for both, needs cleaning some sea green color
quarter window trim-$10 plastic or metal ones
sunvisors-$20 for both...good shape...sea green
vent-$20 (under steering column)

will try to get some pictures, let me know if you want some up close or specific pictures...i will ship some things but fron end is a pickup item

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also some add ons...
el camino b piller interior trim-$20 both
78 el camino jack-$20
chrome wiper arms-$30 great for if yours dont clear windshield properly
also have 2 350 engines, ones older (70s) and ones an 88 with center bolt covers
700r4 trans, been rebuilt with upgrade such as servos, boost valves and better clutches...shifts pretty hard
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