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Ex-California '78 GMC Caballero with factory SS package options for parts, since I cannot get a genuine offer on the running car.

I am keeping the Goodwrench 350, Q-Jet, wheels, tires, and radio.

I cannot attest that it is a factory SS, only that it seems to have all the SS options except emblems and stripes. No posi. One guy I met called it a "Stealth SS".

350 trans, PS, PB, AC, Tilt steering, factory bucket seats, console, full gauges.
Interior is tired, but the correct SS parts are there to work with.

Wanted to sell the whole car, since that does not seem possible I would prefer to sell the body and all parts in one lot.

The good, the ONLY rust is a small hole in the passenger side roof.
Paint is good enough that I am not hassled, but really should be redone.
Original color was brown with "Camel" interior.
Has Eibach 1" lowering springs, receiver hitch.
All non-engine mounted missions equipment is complete.
I will be removing most or all of the engine mounts emisions trash, it will be for sale.

Have a nice topper for it too.

The bad, needs tinkering/restoration of many items.
Interior is tired, took the dash apart trying to track down an intermittent electrical fault, fixed the fault, never got the dash back together.

Factory SS bucket seats need reupholstered, whole interior needs to be redone.

Body is basically "Strait", but some people around here cannot park without touching.
All glass is good, door window gaskets are tired.

Goodies! I have some new parts to go with it.
New WLK-85121 headers from Summit Racing, never installed.
New blue headliner, sun visors, and carpets.
New fiberglass front spoiler.
New air shocks, never installed.
New 81? grill, turns out it is NOT a direct replacement.

I am sure there is more I am forgetting, best to call me, I am on West Coast time.
Listing here first, prefer to sell as a roller.
You will need to bring wheels, I am keeping the mags for the '68 I just bought.
I may be able to put a set of 14" mags on it for transport.

$600 for EVERYTHING, but the parts I listed at the top which I am keeping unless I get a fair price for the whole car.
I think thats a pretty fair deal.
Clear Nevada title!

I will probably still be driving it for the next couple of weeks until the '68 is ready.
So buyers have some time to arrange shipping, gather funds, etc.

If I cannot get a buyer for the roller and parts I will have to list them individually.
I would hate to do that, as a roller with a clean title it's more likely to get put back on the road.

Richard, (775) 783-4867

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Still driving it for a few more days, until the '68 is registered and insured.

Was really hoping to sell it whole less the engine and wheels.

I will give it a little longer before parting it all out, really did not want to end up with a stripped hulk in the yard.
I know what parts will go quick, then the remainder ends up at the Pick & Pull.

Visors should go with the headliner.
Guess I need to look up the individual parts values.

Dash is already spoken for.
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