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8.5" 10 bolt wanted

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Looking for a solid rear end that will take around 500 ft lbs. Anyone no any places that has them?
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Great deal on this rear!

I'm trying to get rid of my Ford 9 inch-

It will bolt right into your 78-87.

Low milage internals:

Richmond 3:50 gears, Currie axles, Wilwood 12" disc brakes, etc.

Bolt pattern is 5x5" (you can have themn redrilled at a local machine shop to 4-3/4" for about $100/set)

It's NOT a posi.
Willing to part it out (housing= $150+Shipping, add 3rd member/axles=250+shipping, add brakes=400 + shipping)

Don't know what trans your running but I'll throw in the 350/700 driveshaft for free!


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I am interested in the housing for sure. Can you tell me more about it? Where did you get it? Width? etc? Do you think you could get it strapped down on a pallet and ship it to Florida?
I pulled it out of a late 70s Torino. Cut the leaf spring brackets off and cut the axle tube ends off so it was the same overall lenght as the stock elky.

I had billet ends (Mark Williams) welded on (ford new style) in a fixture and added "ears" for the upper mounts. It was bolted under the elky and squared, tack welded, removed and finish welded to ensure a perfect fit.

I also welded in a 1.5 inch bung on the housing top as an inspection port and easy oil fill. I added poly bushings in the upper ears and bump stops. I plumbed new brake lines and added the stainless flexlines on the ends to accomadate easy removal of the calipers without having to break "hardlines" when replacing pads.

Other than that, I rebuilt the entire third member with new bearings,Richmond ring/Pinion (3:50) and seals.

The axles are currently a 5x5 pattern. They can be easily redrilled to 5 x 4 3/4. In fact as you can see in the photo, if you have a drill press you could easily drill them yourself using the brake hats as a guide.

Thanks for the inquiry.



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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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