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I've just finished installing a DNE (Doug Nash Engineering, the design is now sold by Richmond) 4+1 in my '80 El Camino. Overall it was not a hard swap - swappers before me posted the parts they used: I want to return the favor.

DNE (now Richmond) 4+1
Richmond Manual Transmission Fluid (2 quarts)
Long shifter (the best shifter - has spherical rod ends) HN1000
Lakewood Bellhousing 15020
Summit G1341 Pilot Bearing (also Summit alignment tool)
Hays 10-130 Flywheel
Hays 40-221 Clutch Disc
Hays 34-618 Pressure Plate (eBay score!)
Hays 70-201 Self Aligning Throwout Bearing
GM 3790556 Ball Stud (1.78" long)
GM 14075725 Clutch Fork
Brakeware 10380 Aluminum Slave Cylinder
GM 12559912 Clutch Master Cylinder & Braided Line (Stock slave not used due to header interference) Braided line drilled out to remove restriction
Bzdel Clutch Pedal (trimmed brake pedal)
Motormite 20734 pedal pads
Stock V6 crossmember with new hole drilled
32 Spline Transmission Yoke (driveshaft length is OK)
Hooker 2451 headers
No shifter boot yet - just a big hole

Notes: Hydraulic clutch linkage is possible due to John Bzdel's fabricated pedal. The longer ball stud was necessary to get enough travel. Unplug grinder after use: cutoff wheels cut skin even faster than metal (3 stitches).


I drove it to work these past few days and I'm very happy. Driving it is a bit harsh due to the lack of carpet, the shifter hole and rust holes in the passenger rear footwell (I've bought a patch panel). Also the clutch pedal actuation is stiff and the shifting is "notchy" but I was kind of expecting both. A Centerforce clutch may have helped the stiff pedal but I didn't want to risk a parts mismatch - I already had the Hays flywheel. My wife says the pedal doesn't seem too stiff but I wonder what she'd say after a bit of stop and go traffic. I'm fine with the pedal and I actually like the Muncie-like shifting quality.

The interior rehab is in order and I have some annoying exhaust leaks to fix but all in all I'm tickled I can finally tap into my 406's horsepower!

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