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Looking for any and all info concerning this car. VIN is 1GCCW80H4BD507222. I've found a little info on the VIN but have not
found a place that will tell me what *everything* means. Some of this
sites have different info for each letter/number.

Would like to find an electrical schematic. I think the harness is screwy!
Don't even know if the right engine is in it. It is a 305 V8, 4bbl but the
temp sending unit and the oil sending unit are not connected. Can't find
the connector on the harness.

I just need as much info as I can get to begin working with the car. The
interior needs to be redone also.........no visors also............

This is the first El Camino I've ever owned and I'd like to make it look
good..........more original than custom......but a combo.

Thanks in advance for your time.........

Glen Gallier
[email protected]

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Evening Glen,
According the ID numbers book, 1GCCW80H4BD507222 breaks down to:
1 = country , USA
G = manufacturer , General Motors
C = automotive division, El Camino
C = restraint system type, 4,001-5,000lbs
W = series, Malibu Classic, El Camino
80 = body type, 2-dr Pickup Delivery
H = engine, type is V-8, option is LG4 , carb is 4BC, CID is 305
4 = check digit
B = model year (B-1981)
D = assembly plant, made in Doraville, GA.
507222 is the production number

I'm still not sure of the ninth digit called a "check digit", or what it is used for.

Maybe some other members can help on the other questions. There is a wealth of knowledge here.

Good luck with your Elky
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