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I've scanned through the forums and found a few answers as to what each wire off the factory stereo connector does. The problem is I'm getting different results when testing using my meter. I've looked at diagrams in a physical manuals and they didn't help. Colours don't match the diagram. Didn't find anything online either.
What does each wire on the connector do?
Gas Cable Wire Close-up Motor vehicle

In this post Need some help figuring out '85 stereo wiring... I found the wire functions as black-ground, yellow-ignition power/accessory, grey is the illumination. I'm going to butt-splice or solder onto the wires.

When testing with my meter:
Black is switched from the ignition - key off no voltage - key in accessory reads 12V
Yellow has no voltage with key on or off
Grey has nothing either with key in off or accessory position

So I got the single din unit with the yellow constant 12V wire, black-ground, and red for the switched wire from the ignition.
I've been metering from the plug to bare steel on the floor pan and those are my readings. I think I'll give it a shot tomorrow after work and see what happens (hopefully it works) just don't understand my readings.
Anybody got some ideas?
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