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87 El Camino SS (19K miles)
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Looking for a set of
NOS ROOF and DOOR weatherstrips,
NOS Bed Corner moldings,
NOS door handles,
NOS Bed Hooks,
NOS rear Bumper and Bumperettes,
NOS window fuzzies for doors and quarters,
NOS Rocker Moldings.

Let me know what you have and $$ [email protected]

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Are you doing a complete restoration? We all would like NOS parts however, I've found them to be extremely expensive!! Are you missing these parts?

I ask because here in the Central Valley of California, I keep track of several salvage yards for parts on 5th. generation El Camino's and Monte Carlo's. I might be able to get you connected, or locate some good used replacements at a good price ( it's the shipping that kills you! ).
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