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I am changing out the sweep dash in my 72 Sprint to a Monte Carlo or SS style dash, mine has A/C, One of my SS style dash's came with the end vents in it, They are just a bit diifferent than what the sweep style has.
The left side is shorter and curves to the inside. Both right and left are larger diameter than the one sin the sweep style on the back side where the hoses attach.
I guess the big question is will everything that was part of the sweep style A/C vent system, hoses, and plastic air runners work and fit into place behind the SS style dash.

At this point I am " ASSUMING " that the larger diameter vents were non A/C.
A few of the outlets I have also allow the airflow to be turned off at the vent, I don't remember seeing that back in the day.

Hope someone can help,Mike
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