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A friend gave me a 305 today. It came from one of his pickup trucks. When He bought the truck, the engine needed help, so he re-ringed it, installed a new timing set, ground the valves, and put in a Lunati "Voodoo" cam. It has new water pump, plugs, an HEI dist, wires etc, and a Q-jet with a manual choke that he rigged on it. The intake is the factory aluminum type. The engine ran great in his truck.

I'll likely use the accessories from this to build up my spare 350, which is the original engine from my '74 Malibu. I may put it back in the Malibu, in place of the built 408 SB gas hog !
He installed a 396 big block that he built, in place of the 305. The truck, a 4X4, has the TH350 & transfer case etc, so I told him to take it easy on the drive train.

A few years ago, I gave him a '61 283 Corvette engine, with very low time on it since new, and he has it in an S-10 project, with a Comp cam, and a triple deuce carb set-up, etc, and a Mallory dual point distributor I gave him. I think he's nuts, with a 2X3 set up on a little 283, but that's his problem !!:smileyb:
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