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A lot of G body parts !!! dont miss out

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Hey every one i have a Lot of stuff to sell, make me an offer if you dont like my prices
and please email me for pictures [email protected] yahoo.com 409-256-2025
G body door hinges, 2 sets very good condition $ 50.00 a set
Power steering pumps ,with hoses ready to install $ 40.00 each
sbc Starter $ 25.00
Sbc Minnie starter $ 30.00
G Body El camino Nice grill $ 60.00
complete top of bed trim front to back $ 200.00 OBO
Complete body side trim Front to back $ 150.00 OBO
G body battery tray (not rusted out needs cleaning and paint) $ 25.00
Front Plate frame $ 25.00 G body
GM horns 2 Sets $ 25.00 set
windshield trim G body one complete set with bottom trim as well $ 85.00
One bottom windshild trim $ 25.00
G body door opening trim sold as a set $ 30.00
G body clutch and brake pedal set $ 65.00
2 G body gas tank lid covers not rusted . $ 25.00 each
One street fire HEI dist.has no vac advance was bought like that from summit $ 50.00
One sun pro Tach $ 25.00
One set after mrkt upper control arms for a G body has all mounting hardware $ 100.00
2 inst panel bezels 78/79 $ 20.00 each G body
Glove box light asmb $ 25.00 G body
sweep style speedo 72K miles showing $ 30.00
Glove box cable G body $ 8.00
Park brake release $ 8.00
G body front glass Not a spot on it ! $ 150.00
2 Back glasses G body $ 75.00 eaach
Side glasses Opra 2 sets ! $ 50.00 set
Left and right door Glass $ 40.00 each

Also have a few wire ends,like for the under hood , tach wires.Oil sending unit wires ect NOTE I WILL BE UPDATING THIS LIST SO LOOK AT IT !!!! And will be adding items as well !! There is stuff i have not listed will need to go through all my parts

Email me for pictures and package deals ! Thanks 409-256-2025
I didnot want to take up a buch of space with all the pictures ! :texas::beer:
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Nice list you got here!
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