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IROC-S Pace Car #001
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Here is a special 1984 Choo Choo El Camino to keep your eyes peeled for at car shows. This is the 1984 IROC El Camino built as a display vehicle to promote the I.R.O.C. series in ’84. It was not a pace car like the IROC-S #001 in '85; rather it was used at racing events to generate interest in the series. This ‘84 created such an interest at the events it attended that GM execs requested Choo Choo to build the IROC-S pace car in ‘85, so this is a pretty significant Elky. Nobody seems to know where this car is right now (it was not saved by Choo Choo in their private collection like IROC-S #001 and the Indy track service Elky were). It may have been crushed years ago… or it may be in a garage in pristine condition somewhere. If anybody sees it at a show, please let me know. The attached images and documents were graciously given to me by the folks at Honest Charley Speed Shop in TN.
Attach.1) Image of '84 IROC El Camino display vehicle (bottom of page)
Attach.2) Order form on Chevrolet Letter Head to Choo Choo requesting the '84 IROC to be built
Attach.3) Letter from Chevrolet to Choo Choo describing the positive reaction to the '84 IROC, and requesting the IROC-S Elkys to be built for the '85 model year


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