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I just finished changing my Camino over to a serpentine belt drive off of a 95 S-10. Every part fits and works great. Now my AC system is a mixed bag of items. I used the AC comp off of my 95 s-10, as it was a new GM Delphi unit, only a couple of years old. The condenser is a new 6mm (?) to fit a 91 Camaro, new stock replacement 78 Camino evaporator, 95 s-10 134a orfice tube, 95 S-10 134a ac hoses, all new o-rings, new 78 camino replacement drier. What I need to know is how much oil do I need to add to the new system, and how much 134a freon. I will be using the same oil that the 95 S-10 used, as I am using it's compressor. The reason that I did not drain the comp. is that I completely reworked the ac system on the donor truck and it worked
great and was super cold.
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