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Actual mileage?

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How concerned would you be if you found out the mileage on your El Camino was wrong, or at least was more than you thought it was? I just ran a CarFax on the car I think I'm going to buy, and it says it may have as much as 290,000 miles on it...but it could be that there was a clerical error early on, and the indicated mileage is a lot closer to correct.

What do you think?
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my 83 malibu has 532,000 miles the odometer is on its 6 th time around,i bought it at 11 months old and 40,000 miles from the upland ca. police dpt. if you like the car why worrie about what the milage claims to be. its all mechanicals. look at the car for signs of excessive miles.severly worn suspension points from much work,realy loose pedal assemblies,sloppy shifter, colapsed body bushings and motor mounts.body cracks all signs to show wear.if it doesnt exibit these signs it has been cared for properly and not a concern. these are very servicable cars and if not driven into the grave before repaired should be fine at 1,000,000 miles
i love bringing the dead back to life especially a chevy elco
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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