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Actual mileage?

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How concerned would you be if you found out the mileage on your El Camino was wrong, or at least was more than you thought it was? I just ran a CarFax on the car I think I'm going to buy, and it says it may have as much as 290,000 miles on it...but it could be that there was a clerical error early on, and the indicated mileage is a lot closer to correct.

What do you think?
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While it`s possible that the Carfax mileage may be wrong , I strongly feel like E-Man that it is more correct than what the seller says it is , whether or not the seller is being honest about it . If it is wrong , has the seller contacted the agencies that report the mileage over the years to straighten it out ? I often check on E-Bay and Fl. Auto Trader on El Caminos for sale . I am very often shocked by the " little white lies " and outright " fraud " , that I see , especially when it comes to mileage . If they are not honest on the milage , what else are they not being honest about ? As the others said , it is important on these older cars to check them out for their actual condition and the milage alone should not usually be a deal breaker . The best way is if you can yourself , have a knowledgable friend or mechanic check the car`s systems , fluids , including rust . Most people do not bother to do it but it`s best to pay a few bucks to a place and put the vehicle up on a lift as that is the only true way of verifying the real condition and what it may or not cost you later on .
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