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Ok, so I know there is a section on the forums for talking about what you have done to your car and stuff like that but, the things I have done like replacing transmission cooling lines and what Im about to talk about, and finding a place for a good stock of after market wheel caps, I figure is more of a local thing, and nobody is posting in the region 12 forums anyway so here goes.

I have these Cragar SS knock offs on my car since I bought it. Was missing 3 wheel caps and been looking for the right ones. I finally found a place that had them, Massey's Accessory Shop @1319 S. Robinson in Okc. Phone is (405)239-2010. If you have been looking for some hard to find caps you may wanna check Massey's.

I thought this was cool:
I walked into Massey's and an older man was at the counter. I showed him my one wheel cap and I said, a man at a rim shop told me if anyone had this cap, it would be Massey's. The man took a look at the cap, got a big smile and walked to the back. In under a minute, he came back with a cap and said , was I suppose to find it that fast? I thought he was smiling because he had my cap. NOPE, that wasnt it. He proceeds to ask if I have the car with the wheels on it here and I said , Yep. He asked if I would mind if he took a picture of my wheel. I told him , sure but they are old and dirty. He said, that doesnt matter I need the pic for my web site.
Then he tells me that just last week him and his wife were doing inventory and came across those caps and that he had an idea of who made the wheel but for the life of him, he could not remember what it looked like and he did not have a pic of it since the company had gone out of business years ago. I asked if I should buy a couple extras in case he didnt have them later and he said nope, I have plenty of them in stock and will keep them in stock because now that I have a picture for people to reference their wheel to, he may actually be selling some of them now.:nanawrench:
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