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Ok now that I got your attention with this catchy subject title, here's my question:

I have just bought and all original 1977 El Camino classic. This is my first El Camino and my fisrt old car. Right now the only thing that doesn't work properly is the AC. At first I thought the AC just needed re-charging but I think I may have found something else.

This car has a CB Radio installed. Tonight, I took a look at the fuse box and realized that the guy who installed the CB actually took the power from one of the fuses. It turns out he took it from the top left fuse area. I looked at the owner's manual and it seems that this is usually the area where something related to AC is supposed to be hooked up. The AC can be turned on etc... but it's just not cold.

Can anyone help me out on this and explain things to me like they were explaining them to their mother? Can I simply put the necessary part back on and try the AC or is it unsafe [I'm thinking AC gas] giben that it may have not run for 10 years or so etc...

Here's a couple pics of the AC drawing I found in the owner's manual and one of mine looks like which is closer to a spaghetti plate.

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