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American Graffiti Car Show in Petaluma, Ca.

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Yesterday was the annual American Graffiti Car Show in Petaluma, Ca. There were 532 cars there to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie. I was told @ 30,000 people showed up to view the cars. It was a great time with a cruise through town for a couple of hours. Most of the movie scenes in the movie were filmed in Petaluma as well as San Rafael and Modesto with some other towns in Northern California.
Here is a few El Camino pictures I took.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky
Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle
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Great pics and a great movie. I drove my 55 Crown Victoria to the local downtown theater on a date to see the movie on it's first run. When we came out of the theater after the movie my date and some of the others leaving had a better appreciation for a hot rodder old car. Had a 428 and a modified C6 with loud duals, didn't push it during date but the spacious bench seat was appreciated.
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