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I was wondering....

I have the American Thunder system from Flowmaster on my Elky(s). Yesterday I was leaving the Gas station and all of a sudden it sounded like the exhaust had fallen off the car. Talk about being really loud. It was like having open headers.

At first I thought that maybe all the bolts to one side or another of the collector flange had vibrated loose. Anyway I crawled under her and looked. The "H" pipe had broken loose from one side! :x

Has anyone else that has this system experienced this? That really torqued my chain! This system is essentially brand new. I put it in in December.

On another note I found something called a Collector flange packing. It is a lot like OEM exhaust manifold "Biskets" but it is beveled only on one side and the other is a 1/16th" tall lip that fits into the header collector the other fits into the exhaust pipe. So instead of using those paper flange gaskets I now use this and looks like I will never have to replace this. I had been replacing those paper gaskets about once ever two or so months.
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