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Hi folks,

I am just joining the forum. I will be starting a member journal to detail this project. I inherited the car in 2015 from my father-in-law and have been slowly moving forward with some projects.

It will take some time to post some picks and projects but I hope to share those while learnign from others as well.

You can follow my project modz page here: 1970 El Camino 350 Daily Driver Project - Lots of modern Modz...


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Hi scott, welcome from Idaho. Glad you've joined us. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your 70 El Camino. Enjoy your 70 and the community.

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Major Engine Compartment Upgrades​

Ok, I am all-in. I put in a little work already, but the real work is still to come. I have a lengthy 5 day stretch of days off from work over the 4th of July weekend and I hope to get most of this work completed.

I’ll start off with a description of the work and parts then I will showcase some photo descriptions.

Engine Upgrades: I decided to go all-in here. I’m not doing any major performance upgrades or breaking open the motor, but all the components are old and I thought this would be a good time to refresh the motor, replace components and dress-up the engine compartment. Chrome is okay, but the future color scheme for this car is to have a dove gray body with black accents. I also want a blacked-out dress-up kit under the hood. Since the motor will be mostly disassembled, this was a really good time to pull the inner fender skirts and replace the blower motor and get everything scrubbed and painted with a fresh coat of satin black paint.

  • Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 XT fuel injection system – FiTech has been fired!
  • Comes with new distributor and I will keep the MSD AL6 Ignition box
  • MSD Blaster 2 coil
  • Edelbrock Racing Black valve covers with matching breather
  • Spectre Muscle Car Air intake – Comes in aluminum, but I plan to paint the tube satin black.
  • Summit Racing Mid-mount serpentine kit – Black
  • Powermaster Alternator 150 amps – This will add much needed power to the sound system.
  • Summit Racing smooth body iron water pump – black
  • Tuff Stuff Saginaw Power Steering pump – black
  • Lee 12.7:1 gear box and rag joint – I am really excited about this upgrade to improve steering.
  • Timing cover and PWR Harmonic balancer – black
  • SC&C Full suspension Touring package – The rear upgrades were already done, minus the Hellwig sway bar. This kit includes springs, upper control arm, geometry correction ball joints, shocks and some suspension arms. I am really looking forward to this handling upgrade too.
  • Baer Track 4 13” Disc Brake conversion kit

So, far I got the motor stripped, I was able to repaint the front of the block Chevy orange and pulled the inner fenders for a scrub and paint. I am still awaiting some parts and need to paint the engine compartment, then I can proceed with the suspension upgrade then motor dressing and assembly.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-1 Here is a photo before I started the strip down process.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-2 Fitech, distributor and major components (water pump, alternator and power steering pump have been removed

Engine Compartment Upgrades-3 This was the part of the block that needed paint the most. I decided not to paint the sides, due to the work involved to remove the hedders.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-4 Pulled the harmonic balancer and timing cover. Gave a quick VHT Chevy Orange paint to the front part of the block only. I taped the intake area and water pump holes. I planned to trash the valve covers so I left them in place to protect the valves and just let the overspray hit the covers.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-7 Black components going on. Added the timing cover, pointer, harmonic balancer and the main crank serpentine pulleys.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-8 There are a few parts on the motor that I really like and did not see the point of replacing it. But, I did want to refresh them. So, this was an easy project. I pulled the wire holders and rubbed all the chrome with a scotch brite pad. I did not work too hard on this. I just took off the chrome brightness. I also tried steel wool, but it did not work as well as scotch brite.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-8.5 I added a VHT black wrinkle paint. I added this to the fuel pump delete cover and it looked great. But, I found the paint to be finicky and did not look as good on this piece or a couple small trim pieces. So, I painted the satin black on top and decided not to use the wrinkly paint on any other items.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-9 Here is a look at the engine bay with the inner fenders pulled. There should be lots of room to work on the suspension and brakes.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-11 I sprayed the underside of the inner fenders with undercoating and the top side got a coat of satin black.

Engine Compartment Upgrades-12 With the inner fender off I can access the blower and you can see the delete box. I need to pull off the FiTech sump holder and I plan to place the coil here. The benefit to this mod is that I only have to patch one set of holes since the coil holder fits perfectly on the existing hole pattern.

That is all for this update. A lot of work lies ahed.

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:geek: Welcome Scott, Glad you found us.
Have fun and enjoy NECOA. Good luck
with your project, Looks like a lot of work.
From Nick & Don
Grove City, Ohio..:)
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