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I worked on a ranch in Colorado for two years in high school. This was 1966-68. For one of those years, my family was in Arkansas and I lived with the rancher's family.

To put this in perspective, I had a '41 Chevy at the time that I bought with my summer work for a beekeeper in 1966. It was in my mother's name, of course, and she used it and it went to Arkansas (where she got it stuck in the mud, burned out the clutch, and traded it for a wringer washer).

The ranch family went to Montezuma, KS, over the spring break to visit some friends. The man of that family had an El Camino. It must have been about a 1964; it was fairly new, and had the thin B pillar.

In driving around doing some chores, etc., with this gentleman and the rancher I worked for, the subject of Playboy Magazines came up. The fellow reached behind the seat and handed me a couple of issues!!!! Remember, I was 15 at the time!

Well, the ranch family I worked for really couldn't say anything about it (and they likely wouldn't have, they were pretty liberal), so I treasured those Playboys until I had to leave Colorado to go to Arkansas to rejoin my family.

However, I probably spent as much time studying about El Caminos as I did about ... uh, well, Playmates. I was in love with both of them!
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