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The right axle on the Gran National 3:73 posi I installed has the wheel wobbling a bit.
It's a axle issue not a wheel issue.

I'm thinking of indicating the flange and machining a tapered spacer to compensate for the runout to get the wheel running true...

Is this a dumb idea....
Should I just bite the bullet and get a new axle ???

What's the consensus of opinion....

Arnie in Iowa

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Arnie, if you are certain the flange is bent I suggest you chew on the bullet. It is heat treated and is already weakened by whatever bent it. Considering the forces at work when driving it will always be at risk of fracturing, especially if you attempt to heat it and true it.
Do you know if any other gm axles will interchange with the GS? That could keep the cost reasonable. I know that Summit sells most midsize axles for about $110 each including freight. Just :dontknow:my dos centavos
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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