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body work/paint prep/self paint with duplicolor system

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So i'm thinking about painting my car with the duplicolor system. I just want to see if anyone has used it, had any success, and if its possible to do it in your own garage.

How much prep did you do? sand all the way down to the metal, then prime?

Also i'm switching from two tone to solid so i've removed all the exterior trim but have a few holes from fasteners to fill and the studs from the clips to remove, what would you fill those holes with?

thanks for any help you can give!
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Stacey David did a segment on one of the Gearz TV episodes using the Duplicolor system with fantastic results. The secret is in the body prep work. If you have multiple layers of old paint, you should strip down to bare metal. The molding clip holes should be welded shut with a MIG welder. If you don't have access to one you can use one of the many fiberglass type products such as Kitty Hair.
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