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body work/paint prep/self paint with duplicolor system

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So i'm thinking about painting my car with the duplicolor system. I just want to see if anyone has used it, had any success, and if its possible to do it in your own garage.

How much prep did you do? sand all the way down to the metal, then prime?

Also i'm switching from two tone to solid so i've removed all the exterior trim but have a few holes from fasteners to fill and the studs from the clips to remove, what would you fill those holes with?

thanks for any help you can give!
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I'll definitely agree on the bodywork prep being the biggest part.I'll also agree about the long rear half of the body being prone to rippling, mine looked near perfect after my 1999' paint job, but is showing some rippling again, of course I have colorsanded & buffed black paint to highlight anything.
You can do decent paintwork at home though, my front end was a late night(s) rush job under a carport,pics in photobucket. With solid colors, you can take a small break at the end of a panel to let a small compressor recover.If you want really straight bodywork , skimming the whole thing with quality filler like evercoat rage or the new Quantim product & blocksanding off what you don't need will make a big difference. Then use a good 2-k primer & block it before the duplicolor.
Thought I saw before where the (new) laquers by duplicolor were a bit different than the old stuff, maybe not. Just looked at their msds sheets,see where sherwin williams is the manufacturer.Haven't heard anything yet about lifespan in the sun either.
Just another thought about paint itself, the current dupont nason isn't bad & not too expensive. A local maaco manager may sell to you for less than a local paint supplier.
Bobby78 knows a lil sumthin on paint, so you might want to take his advice. I know the new laquers are supposed to be more durable than the old, but hmmmmmmmmmmmm, the tv shows you see products on are paid by these sponsors, such as the e-3 spark plugs nobody on the internet stands up for for more than a few months at a time. Get the hint. DIY taylored products are not do it best products. I mentioned my vehicle on the photobucket link for a real world example. The entire front is the budget priced nason line now owned by Dupont done in single stage black with clearcoat. The bedcover & tailgate were also poor condition rush jobs done in nason in single stage only, no clearcoat. The main portion I did back in 99' on a saturday at an autocrafters shop with an entry level employee giving me acess & purchasing the high end dupont epoxy primer & chroma series bc/cc. Can you see any difference picturewise between the 3 different paints? The main consistant was good prepwork & colorsanding/buffing skills.
Also as a final answer about sanding down to bare metal, for your year unless it's REALLY screwed up bigtime , the factory base is best left intact as Bobby stated.This was not the case on older vehicles. Epoxy is the best primer for going over raw metal, something you'd rather not do at home, it's pretty nasty.
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