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body work/paint prep/self paint with duplicolor system

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So i'm thinking about painting my car with the duplicolor system. I just want to see if anyone has used it, had any success, and if its possible to do it in your own garage.

How much prep did you do? sand all the way down to the metal, then prime?

Also i'm switching from two tone to solid so i've removed all the exterior trim but have a few holes from fasteners to fill and the studs from the clips to remove, what would you fill those holes with?

thanks for any help you can give!
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i'll try to find that episode, thanks for mentioning it. also will look into kitty hair, don't have a welder
thanks for all the advice guys, and thanks nitro.

Right now i'm still bouncing between dupont and duplicolor. i'm already someone who sticks with the same brand of things on projects so i just have to decide which system to use.

Also i have nothing but time to prep the car as i save up to buy everything at one, supplies and paint so i'm planning the prep out. I'm going to try going the bodyshop route for the holes, trim studs, and to clean up a little bed rust. most is surface but there is the infamous stop under the rear window that should probably be cut and replaced.

The current paint is still the original black and gold, just a few deep scratches here and there so should i just rought it up and prime over it or take it down to metal and prime? There seem to be mixed opinions on that. i need to look a little more into the filling and sanding before i get started to prevent waving- hadn't really thought about that, especially with the big long panels

My end goal and vision is to paint it a darker silver metallic, then black out the trim on the bed and front end. maybe even do a smoked chrome on the wheels and bumpers. Therefore i'd have to do base color, metallic coat and clears on the body. seems lengthy, but i like the feeling of showing off my own work.

Trying to get my ducks in a row, thankfully its still 100 degrees here and i'm not motivated to paint in that just yet.
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Personally I wouldn't use lacquer. In the old days it was fine. Today there are much better, more durable, longer lasting finishes.
As far as stripping or not, a good OEM finish is a good base if properly sanded. You really don't have to remove all the old paint if it's just the original w/o any paint work. If it's been painted over then strip it.
what would you recommend instead of lacquer? any ideas of what would work better?

just sanding would be a lot easier. the surface is still smooth, still original paint and the minor chips would fill easily without much material.
great looking 78 by the way bobby! what steering wheel do you have? Mine has reached its end. leaking sticky stuff all over and bubbling... tx heat
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