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A couple things.

1. If you do decide to wrap the truck, ask the shop to see a vehicle they did in person. Pictures are nice and all, but even wrap vinyl hides defects at a distance.

2. Make sure they use HIGH quality vinyl. There's many different grades, and long lasting doesn't always equal high quality. Standard vinyl life is two year, three year, five year, and I've seen seven year but never worked with it.

3. Removal issues. Oh god will there be issues. I'm not sure on the life of wrap vinyl but given it's characteristics I'd say three years is probably a good estimate for it's life. It's going to wear, and fade, etc. Flat black won't be as noticeable (side note, NEVER get red for long term use in vinyl, it will fade faster than any other color of the same grade outside of true metallics.) but it will still fade. Weather will also have a dramatic effect on vinyl. Like anything else it expands and contracts with temperature, but over time the elasticity will break down. With a fulll wrap it won't be noticeable but it does lead to the removal issue. A year down the road, maybe two with meticulous care it's going to be a nightmare to remove. This is why top quality material must be used and even it may not help much. I've removed vinyl from tons of vehicles, signs, metals, plastics, etc. After a few years it turns brittle and just chips away. One using a decent quality vinyl did it after two weeks. There is no secret to removing it at this point. Just chip away, heat, soak with adhesive remover, repeat. For hours.

Now assuming my rant was informative and didn't make you drop the idea, there is one more important detail. Your clear-coat. Make sure it's in good shape and properly cured. A wrapped car can look nice, and has the added benefit of not getting ruined by a rogue rock. But when it comes time to remove it it's going to leave some adhesive behind. Great vinyl = little adhesive, crap vinyl = most of the glue left behind. 3M General Adhesive remover will take it off and leave a good cured finish alone. Any oxidization or bare paint it will take off just like paint thinner. I've only seen it twice on vehicles, but it isn't pretty.

If you go for it I wish you luck, I've seen quite a few well done wraps and they were beautiful, but after five years in the business I want as little to do with vinyl as possible!

Cheers and post pics if you get it done!:beer:
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