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Originally Posted by adamrtx
And the third line coming down the driver's side of the car, does it go to the center inlet on the tank? and cap the two inlets on the end?

from ssr71

Hey there from another '72 owner.

The 3rd line on the left is the vapor recovery line. It runs up to the charcoal canister on the core support to the tank. There should be a separator assembly of some type that it connects to. There are 3 vent fittings on the tank - center and at each corner. I would not cap them off. The cap on that tank is un vented. You need to have some type of venting to relieve the eventual pressure or vacuum that the tank will encounter.

If you have a copy of the assembly manual, turn to page 402.

I might actually pull the tank from mine this weekend. If so, I'll take pictures.
my post in your other thread
welcome Adam
im not sure what your asking?? by "bypass the fuel separator"

are you talking about the vent thing-a-ma-jig that bolts up to the crossmember in front of the tank?? if you have one?
or maybe the tank vent canister(black 5"diameter, 8-10" tall) cant remember what year those started..

the 2 connections at the tank are the fuel line to the pump and the vent line..
there should be a sock filter in the tank and a fuel filter at the carb..

the 3rd line?? does it hook to the fuel pump or to the carb. or to the canister??

if you could take a picture, and upload it to photo bucket or one of the others, and post us a link
these guys could fix you up with some answers..
but welcome again anyways..:texas:
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