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calendar contest

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Hello Regional members.

Every year we have the opportunity to our pride of ownership for our beloved hobby. Whether you have just started on the restoration journey or you have a finished classic in the garage, this is your time to show us what you have. Most years we have hundreds of photos from all over the world. Ken does his best to make sure that those that meet the submission criteria and deadline get in the one calendar or another. Over the years my 59 has been proudly printed in a calendar and I cherish them for the memories that I have of the people that I was with when I took those photos.

So get you camera, get your car detailed, and find a unique place to snap some shots. Ken has the particulars listed on the home page and who knows, your baby could be famous.

I know it means a little planning but, nothing is finer than to see your El Camino printed on a professional Calendar and they are super cheap and totally custom.

Good luck.
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I've sent a couple pics to Ken, but my email account only allows one pic at a time! Even though the pics are 3+ meg, it says I exceeded the 25 meg limit! (***)

So I have to send them periodically. Oh, well!
Mr. Fin,
I just sent my pictures in to night.
I'm burning a little Midnight oil to get it completed.
Thanks guys. Kenny will greatly appreciate your submissions.
I sent mine in yesterday should make it in three calender's.
Thanks Robert. I can't wait to see what you did this year. You always come up with intriguing photos.
My image is in.

Same blue truck, same blue ocean, yet I added a new skimpy white knit bikini bottom on me.

Stop rubbing your eyes. You know that image is burned into your brain! There is no strong enough magic eraser.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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