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So this is one more attempt to rally all north Georgia ELKY’s together, get to know each other and make a powerful showing of our ELKY’s all at once at the upcoming 29th annual Creepers Fun Run taking place on Saturday June 8th at Jim R Miller Park in Marietta, Georgia. Pre registration for this show is $20 and due by June 1st. On site reg is $25. You can get full details at www.creeperscarclub.org.

The bigger goal here is an attempt by a number of us who are seeking to develop, organize and establish a group of fellow elky owners that would like to actually met at local events during the year with other like minded fellow elky owners so we can share stories, learn from each other and enjoy our hobby together beyond an online com trail.

Soooooo..... if you would like to join us, please let us know so we can add you to our communication link we are attempting to develop

COME ON REG #7, especially those of you in North GA.... join us in this attempt to replace our keyboards with our steering wheels!!!
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