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I'm so happy with the way my '66 is running after spending a little time with Todd McGuire - Carburetor Specialist in Farmers Branch Texas (dallas suburb) that I have to share this resource.

Found Todd through DDD (we all know Donny, right?). I have had 3 different carbs on my new 350 since October. First one was defective, 2nd one TOO BIG (750cfm) and last one was recommended by Todd - a 650cfm edelbrock AVS carb. My choice of brand... Todd mainly works on quadrajets and holleys.

So, took my cruck to Todd and he fine tuned both timing and carb and this elco has not run this good since the new motor was installed.

Another member just had a gen5 tuned up by Todd (this week) and per Todd, he was very happy too.

Lastly, Todd just worked on a classic 66 Mustang F/B with carburated 289 with a supercharger on it. (I know... its a FORD, but read on....) Here is a link to that owners post to the classic mustang forum about his experience with Todd.


This is a shameless plug for Todd, but his magic might just make your cruck run better than it ever has....

Todds number is 214-883-5820, [email protected]
BTW - his hot rod is a 70 Chevelle with I believe a 454 in it :nanawrench:

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Good resource to have. I remember you mentioning him before. I'm about done with the finishing touches on my '57 Bel Air's dual quad setup. Unless by some stroke of luck I'm able to tune this myself, I may be looking up your carb guru. BTW, I ended up using the alternator that I bought from you on the '57. Looks good and works good too.:nanawrench:
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