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Carlos has a smoking problem!:beer:

I give you an 8.8 for that.

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Stupid YOU-TUBE, it links up to me everywhere I go (which I DON'T like) then I try and leave a comment and it don't know me!!!:let_it_all_out:
Rants over!!
Nice vid!!!! This year we'll line ours up (just for the photo:poke:)
Great job!!!

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Now all I have to do is look for the black marks in the street, and I,m there. Good Vid!:You_Rock:
Just follow the black marks all the way from I-35. At every stop light/sign I've been leaving my marks! What fun it is having REAL tires on my car! This is the first time I've been able to act like a total fool in my Carlos and not worry about shredding up the tires! TOOOOOOO FUN!! :smileyb:
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