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chevy 632

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has anyone tried to put a 632 in a 5 gen if so what problems should I expect I just trying to finger out if a 632 is the engine for me
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What are the plans for the rest of the car?

Traction, trans, rear end, frame stiffeners?
Roll bars! LOL
I plan to put a pos rear in in and a 4 link and a 4 speed Muncie trans stiffen the frame and to replace the rest of the suspension not with what yet and 4 wheel disk brakes probably 6 piston it going to take me a long time but I want the biggest and the most badass at the track while staying street legal.i need to eat vipers.
you talking about a pump gas 632 or a real 632??

X2 maybe a
tube frame, 12 point cage, narrowed rearend [NOT THE 7.5"], and a WHOLE LOT A TIRE ??

not sure how wide of tire yet but i know i will have to tub it the 632 i was seeing online say 1050 hp on pump gas
just so u guys know this will be the first car i have built i have helped on others but this is the first i have control of so any advice will be welcome
I have a 636 cid motor... but it weighs a literal ton and powers a forty foot 37500lb Gillig.
I can't even imagine that size motor in a 5th gen, or even a GMC 3500.
I think Chris (Kamikaze) put one in "The El Camino".

Well...This says he went bigger, yet not how big.
Added multiple boosters.
from what i have seen i think it will be about 750 lb
I thought that the 632 was based on a Chevy big block (?) Or, is it an entirely new block ?
Just wondered !
You might see if you can get info from this fellow and his Monte Carlo.

Or Carl in his 3rd Gen EL Camino
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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