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Chrome plating parts.

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I am looking into having some parts re chromed specifically the 6 supports that hold the coffin rails on the bed. By batching shipments we can save $. After finding out that they are no longer available, and a good used set is near $400, I am looking for alternatives
Question is. Is there enough interest on this forum in having this done? Where is the best place here to post a thread seeking others who might be interested in having parts plated.
I am sure interest will be based on cost, but let’s see how much interest there is.
Thanks, Jim
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Well, not much luck finding a plater. Many have gone out of business. The larger firms did not reply.
Try talking to any of the custom car or motorcycle shops. Find out who they are using.
The plating business is probably very restrictive due to EPA regulations and the chemicals used. You will probably have to go out of state.
One of the bigger ones was Brown's Plating in Kentucky. They were big in the custom motorcycles. I see from an internet search that they look to be still in business.
I live near Houston and there looks to be several in the Houston area, but I have no idea how good they are.
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few links for the good ones

Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive air manifold Automotive design

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