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Codes 43/45 help.

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I'm pulling codes 43/45 after disconnecting battery and driving. What I have tried so far is.
I had my timing with dist. plug off first set at 8 BTDC then re plugged into the dist. and she's running good except under load to me feels like it's not giving me all my power at normal freeway driving up hill plus I'm pulling these codes. I changed my timing to 6 BTDC and she doesn't like that at starts from a dead stop it's bogging down a little. When I did my 305/350 swap I used or bought 305 sensors for the new motor and the carb. has been rebuilt with a new fuel pump also. I installed a new knock sensor during the swap and it could be bad and I cant get the old one off the motor. I've checked for vacuum leaks with a unlight propane torch and didn't get any change in the motor sound if it was sucking in the propane. I also changed the exhaust manifold gaskets just in case and re-tightened all the bolts on the motor after the first 500 miles. My ECM is working because I can clear it then pull new codes after reconnecting the battery and taking it on the freeway and city streets.I'm idling great and get plenty of power from a stop at 8 BTDC unplugged then reconnected plug to the dist. but the power just doesn't equal the extra 100 hp I got after the swap under load driving up hill on the freeway. I have checked all the elect.and hose lines going to the sensors and motor and the CO2 sensor is also for a 305 and its less than a year old. One other thing my gas tank seems to hold pressure it's the original and I did put a new canister a year ago but when I take the cap off to refill I'm pretty sure it releases pressure almost everytime if not always.

The only sensor more than a year old is the ECS and I myself have never replaced it but the shop over the years could have.

Sorry if this is long but I've been here long enough to know info is the most important thing to give when you can't be here live to see what's going on.
So what do you guys/gals think:dontknow::dontknow:
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Morning bro. When you started this swap i was afraid you would have issues, looks like I was right. First esc does not swap over.
second you need a knock sensor from a 5.7 truck with a throttle body injection. Do not use teflon tape or any sealer of any kind.
The sensor makes its ground with the block when you screw it in.
And last try running the 6* with the right sensor.:beer:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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