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I have an 85 EC with a column shifter and 350C transmission. I want to convert my EC to a floor shifter. I have acquired the following:

1.) all the brackets for the factory console;
2.) factory console;
3.) factory shifter with cable and clips (unknown as to what transmission this was paired with); and
4.) factory floor shift steering column

I do not have the following (please let me know what else that I am missing):

a.) shifter cable dust boot and two fasteners to attach to floor;
b.) fastener that attaches end of shifter cable to selector shaft bracket


i.) The transmission cable bracket appears to be a modified turbo 350 bracket (apparently modified to fit a 200 4R transmission), do you all agree?

ii.) Do I need a different selector shaft bracket so that I have somewhere to attach the shifter cable end to the transmission selector shaft bracket?

iii.) What type of fasteners are used to fasten the dust boot to the floor (are they sheet metal screws or regular cap screws?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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