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Considering power mirrors for my ‘68.

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Now that I have finally thinned my herd my El Camino is the only car I have left that still could benefit from a bit of tinkering. Currently I have the ’69+ rectangular mirrors on it. I hate having to adjust them and am considering finding a set of power mirrors for it. The only thing that gives me pause is that I’d like to find something that fits aesthetically.

I’ve seen other older cars with power mirrors that just look kind of goofy. I don’t want that.

Any thoughts here? I’m leaning towards 80’s to 90’s Camaro or Corvette mirrors but if someone here has a better idea I’m open to suggestions. Heck: even something from a FoMoCo or MOPAR is okay with me if they’d look right.

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You might consider Cadillac mirrors from 79-85. I think other GM cars of the era had similar mirrors, so look at Chevy Caprice , Old's 98, etc...

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