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Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it! You have a SSuper nice ride!! 😎👍

Short answer: Close but No

The wheel pictured has been painted with Rustoleum Gloss Charcoal Gray (PN # 7784830) from Lowes/Home Depot. I know this because 2 of the '72s I've owned came with the original SS wheels which had developed some surface rust and needed to be media blasted and repainted. I chose to go with this "upgrade" because it is much more durable and easier to maintain (and mine is a restomod so the gloss finish is no big deal).

The original finish on the SS/Z-28 rims was matte charcoal gray with a hint of metallic. It is still sold by OPGI as PN # TW00010 , DARK GRAY, 12 OZ CAN ($14.99 PLUS SHIPPING) in their catalog. I don't remember the original paint code but you can find it on the Team Chevelle (SS396.com) web site. If you are dead set on factory OEM finish and cost is not an issue, it is a relatively easy fix but I would recommend an additional coat of matte clear to protect the new paint during mounting/balancing as it is not as durable as the rustoleum.

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