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Well no pics it never happened!!!
I'm just glad the event was alot better than my pics!!!!!
So we met up ( of course Steely was late!!!:poke:) but what a cool night.
There were every kind of car known to man there ( and a few I'm still not sure of!!!)
The police were cool with you making a little noise. You could pull out and lite the tires (real cool thing to do on a main Dallas street with a 1000+ people around. If you raced to hard or got to wild then you go pulled over and I'd bet the tickets wern't cheap. But you could get away with more stuff than usual.
Here are some pics, I hope someone else did better!!!
Just a couple in view

A few (other cars)

Here's a vid I made of the (pac) cruising the scene
For some reason no sound????:let_it_all_out:

Oh yea I lost a pendant I'd had for 15+ years and when I got home I had an Emailed with a pic of it found by Steel Beast's uncle!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!:You_Rock:
The whole night was a blast!!!!
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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