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custom ac line question.

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i went to get a price for custom made lines for my ac. and just the labor was going to be ~$500. they didnt know any prices for any parts they may need. does this sound right? this is the work they are going to do: change the dryer, make custom lines coming off the compressor, wire up the compressor, charge the system, and wire up an electric fan with a relay/switch to turn on when the ac compressor turns on. that seems like a lot of money for just laybor. i dont usually take my cars somewhere to get worked on. so i dont know if thats a fare price or what?
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Call Collins automotive ! Henry Collins @ 352 335-5445 ! That's where I take mine lately ! He's the one that did my AC on the 87 !!
Tell him Steve with the El Camino sent you ! He should take care of you ?
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