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I know several of the Members on this site are helping in one way or another with Veteran’s Day events this week.
Attending a car show, driving a Vet in a parade, organizing a show, and helping a Vet with their vehicle.

As we prepare this week, I wanted to provide this post to help you relax in the evenings after you prep your car or other activities.

I have had the opportunity to meet several of the professional detailers who worked on Witchcraft, so here goes.

Witchcraft (at least in 2016) is the only air worthy B24 Liberator. She is in the hands of the Collings Foundation.
Imagine the task of detailing a plane with a 110 foot wingspan that is flat olive drab in just two days. Watch as these guys, volunteer to accomplish the task.

There is another video that I will find and post soon. The Collings Foundation is also collecting the speaking history of B24 pilot, crews, maintenance and of those who built them. I believe this is being put together for the big screens at theaters.


2014 video

2016 video
Bringing Back the Shine to a WWII B-24 LiberatorBomber: Witchcraft

Post with images of the progress.

Here is a link to information of the Collings Foundation and the planes.

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The B-24 was the first model of a bomber that I built as a kid. I thought it was the coolest-looking bomber of them all---4 engines, twin stabilizers, etc. About 45 years later I had the opportunity to climb aboard one. Man, it's a lot smaller than it looks.

Thanks for sharing that.
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