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Nice! I have not as yet ordered mine. I am a bit concerned seeing all the the individual, region notices might be some kind of phishing attempt. In addition, haven't decided what color cap and shirt combinations to get. The white cap and shirt looks great!
I'm the one that posted in every region & made it a sticky so members will see the new NECOA embroidery store so they can order merchandise
Don't want a member not see it & say I never saw the post on the main front page

Yes many colors & styles to choose from
Didn't want people to have only a few options like the last batch of t shirts with one option !
Ordered... waiting for the first one. I'm sure my wife will want me to order a ball cap and probably a top for her
Lots of ladies stuff to choose from
Did you get your order in ?
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trying to get more members to get some NECOA merchandise they asked for
Only got a couple of orders
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I will put in a good $100 order by the weekend. Would like to have it US Post office to me.
just leave Steve will pickup under special instructions
Steve did they give you any sort of turnaround time for the orders? I ordered mine last week and haven't heard anything from them. I suppose I'll have to call.
Takes time, they have to order the shirt (takes a few days to receive it)
Then when they get it
It gets put in line to the embroidery machine
When they did mine they had an order of 800 hats to do front & back, they said takes around 20 minutes a hat
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Well $118 worth of Merch has been ordered. Wrote that Steve will pick up under special instructions. And the last page that showed up said it was shipping to me at my home.
Got 2 emails with the same order with 2 different reference numbers
Need to call them tomorrow to make sure they only do one

352 332-9877

For them to ship you have to call them & pay them but since you want USPS shipping that will be me & when the order is ready, then contact me & will pick up & ship once I get the USPS shipping cost
Got the receipt from PayPal and it says under instructions to merchant- you haven't entered any instructions. I've never had such a hard time ordering online.
You left comment on your order, paypal doesn't see that, only when you comment that on the PayPal payment
did you order some NECOA embroidered merchandise ?
first batch of orders are coming in & they are looking great with all the different colors people are ordering !!
did you order some NECOA embroidered merchandise ?
second batch of orders are coming in & they are looking great with all the different colors people are ordering !!

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Lots of nice colors people are choosing for their NECOA embroidered merchandise

@seventy that shirt looks good on you
Got my shirt delivered today thanks to @87next2last1! Can we take a moment to thank Steve for all his hard work in getting this store set up for us members? This guy is a rockstar!
post a pic of the shirt, it came out great in black
Looking good Joe
Glad you're happy with it
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