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I will put in a good $100 order by the weekend. Would like to have it US Post office to me.
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Well $118 worth of Merch has been ordered. Wrote that Steve will pick up under special instructions. And the last page that showed up said it was shipping to me at my home.
Got the receipt from PayPal and it says under instructions to merchant- you haven't entered any instructions. I've never had such a hard time ordering online.
Just saw post about two orders.
Shipping to my house, no special instructions and two orders.
Way too much time with MasterCard. Says there's only one charge for $118.10

Now they did get my comment.

Should've spent the night in bowling Green and saw Corvettes.

I will try and contact them in the morning.
Thank you.
Just got off the phone with Teresa from Logokick. She has good order number (21940256). Only one was charged. The second number not charged.
Everyone have a safe and happy holiday.
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Those are nice looking tail lights.
Where did you get them, if I might ask?
Lot of work on those tail lights.
Shirt matches the color of the car.
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1 - 7 of 33 Posts